Is the world about to end? A man transforms into a cow after sleeping with a married woman, according to video proof.

A man in Zimbabwe is said to have transformed into a cow after getting between the thighs of a married woman. 

Such tales are frequent in Africa, where superstition reigns supreme, but this one has made a stir and raised eyebrows. 

The man could be seen sitting on the ground, crying and sporadically mooing like a cow in the footage that substantiates the story. 

Furthermore, his legs have been replaced with cow or goat legs, as well as a matching tail. 

Residents crowded around him, filming the unusual occurrence because they couldn't aid him at the time. 

In other news, after learning that her husband is bisexual, a woman was overcome with emotion and fell. 

According to the narrative shared with famous relationship specialist Joro Olumofin, the woman suspected her husband of straying for a long time but had no hard evidence until recently. 

She apparently expected to catch him cheating on her with another woman, but to her surprise, her husband has been covertly cheating on her with another married man. 

Blood stains in his boxer, discovered shortly after bouts of passionate intimacy with his gay partner, gave him away.


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