MoMo scammers are using e-levy to trick customers. Here's how they do it and what you can do to avoid being a victim.

With the new Electronic Transfer Levy, also known as e-levy, some shady people have come up with a new way to scam people who use mobile money services, especially those on MTN. 

Because of this, the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has warned the public that thieves pose as employees of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) in order to steal money from people's mobile money accounts. 

Remember that the e-levy, which is supposed to have a 1.5% value tax, has had a lot of problems, like some exemptions from the tax not being used. 

Some people are taking advantage of this by calling Mobile Money (MoMo) users and saying they can help them reverse a mistaken deduction. However, they end up taking money from those who fall for it.

There is no way to turn things around where the entity calls you first. The refunds should be taken care of by the entities. "If someone calls you and says they are from Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and want to talk about reversing an E-levy, just hang up and tell your organization because GRA has nothing to do with reversals," says Dr. Ken Ashigbey, the CEO of the Chamber. 

The government and the organizations helping with the implementation have put in place ways to fix transactions that were exempt from the levy but have been affected so far by the new, phased-in way it is being implemented. 

Dr. Ashigbey says that steps are being taken to stop the fraudsters from doing what they are doing. 

If you send money and it is taken from you by mistake, you would have to call to start the process of getting it back. So it's important for us all to be careful so that no one takes advantage of our smarts and steals our hard-earned money.


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