"My dead sugar daddy came to visit me," says a lady.

Do you believe in ghosts' existence? Have you ever come into contact with one? 

If you're still not convinced that ghosts exist, a Nigerian woman has resorted to Twitter to tell a disturbing and terrifying event that has people talking. 

This lady claims that her wealthy sugar daddy died eight days ago, but to her surprise, he paid her a visit and vowed to return. 

The most terrifying aspect of the experience is the fact that the dead sugar daddy is a man of his word, and hence will most likely return for her as promised. 

The following is the lady's viral tweet: 

Eight days ago, my sugar daddy passed away. But I can feel his presence in my room every night. I can feel his touch on my skin, hear his sighs, and feel his lips on my shoulders... 

As we melt into each other's nude bodies, he makes his distinctive muffled moans that occasionally belie his age. He came last night with the promise of returning the next day. I shuddered because I knew he maintained his promises. 

Because many people do not believe in ghosts, they find it difficult to trust the lady's story. 

Regardless, no matter how hard we try, our beliefs cannot change the truth.

Source: Ghpage.com

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