Netizens react as a Nigerian woman narrowly avoids being attacked by a python tells her experience.

 Juliet Ushie, a Nigerian woman, narrowly avoided being bitten by a large snake, and she has expressed her appreciation on social media. 

Juliet claimed that some vigilante men had seen the big python climbing into her fence the night before. 

She claimed she and her son had planned to go out just minutes earlier, but they changed their minds, and she wondered what would have happened if they had. 

Juliet then posted a photo of the reptile, which appeared to be lifeless after the men had killed it. 

See what people are saying online: 

'I believe snakes don't just hurt people like that unless they were sent, but thank God for your life,' leeymaarh added. No, don't swallow anyone, okay? 'Way you for simply pour am holy water and see how it changes back to priceless then starts confessing,' lankyboi added. 

'Madam you just missed your blessing tea, that's the snake that swallowed money in Abuja, wanted to bring your portion for you,' starboyhenri wrote. 

Python running free or someone's pet who escaped, wrote bklgirl. Have mercy, Lord. This isn't a tight squeeze; it's a daring escape.


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