Nigerian presidential aspirant causes stir as he holds campaign inside river surrounded by young men and women, Photos

Omoyele Sowore of the African Action Congress (AAC), a presidential candidate in Nigeria, has launched his campaign in Ondo State. 

Before anyone could say jack, the human rights activist paid a visit to his house to galvanize 'home support,' and before anyone could say jack, he was plunging into the town's iconic river, accompanied by his fans. 

Sowore, who spoke to his followers inside the lake, stressed the importance of tourism to any economy, according to Sahara Reporters. 

"In our part of the earth, this is where we go fishing and farming," he explained. It's one of the most gorgeous sites in the country, if not the entire globe." This is why we keep talking about tourism; imagine cabins, places where people can come and visit and stay for weeks, in this lake. 

"They can also fish; all of the fish here are wild." The only issue is oil pollution from the Niger Delta, which has rendered the water unfit for human consumption. "Everything in this place is natural." This is how it has always been, and it is a wonderful ecology, an environment that fulfills environmentalists' dreams, with farmlands surrounding the river. 

"This lake stretches all the way down to the Niger Delta." This is a great location to be, and whenever I visit, I always like being here because this is my home. 

"I heard the governor of Ondo State remark at one of their jamborees that they want to build a fish pond inside the lake; they have no sense."


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