Nkoranza: Albert Donkor was carried out of his cell and shot dead,' says.–Vormawor, Barker

According to Oliver Barker-Vormawor, the principal convener of the #FixTheCountry Movement, the Municipal Police Command in the Bono East Region purposely took a suspect in their car and shot him dead. 

He claimed Albert Donkor's mother went to see him when he was making his statement and was slain two hours later. 

The Cambridge PhD student claims the victim's mother was misled about the deceased's whereabouts three weeks following his death. 

On Wednesday, May 18, he made the charges in a Facebook post. 

According to him, the deceased witnessed the policemen conducting robbery and reported it to police, which resulted in his death. 

"Albert Donkor was dragged from his cell and shot. His mother went to observe him write his statement at the police station. 

"He had been slain by the time she returned in two hours." He was being kept at five different police stations for three weeks, she was told." 

When he was assassinated shortly after she left the police station. Albert witnessed police officers committing robbery and reported it to the authorities. 

"They were robbers' friends, and they killed him." He was a whistleblower who died. We spoke about it for days. "There was no action." 

According to the Nkoranza Municipal Police Command, Albert Donkor was an armed robber who died in a shootout with police. 

However, his family has denied the allegations, claiming that he was taken from his home and taken to police custody, where he died. 

His death has caused some commotion in the community. 

On Tuesday, May 17, the youth of the region went on a rampage and attacked the Municipal Police offices, demanding justice for Albert Donkor, a 28-year-old trader who was allegedly killed while in police custody. 

Together with the deceased, they liberated six other suspects apprehended by the police as armed robbers. 

One person was also confirmed killed in the youth's spree, while nine people, including three in critical condition, are being treated for gunshot wounds at St. Theresa's Catholic Hospital. 

However, two people have been arrested for their roles in the incident.

Source: MyjoyOnline.com

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