Omari Hardwick's(Ghost) latest Instagram post has surprised 'Power' fans.

Omari Hardwick's latest Instagram post has Power fans buzzing. On the episode, the actor played James St. Patrick, a New York City club owner who also works as a drug dealer. James wanted to leave the game and pursue a normal life with his family, but he was unable to do so due to a variety of issues. 

Hardwick shared a throwback photo with his Power co-star Joseph Sikora on May 10 and reflected on their time on the program. 

Fans of 'Power' were taken back by Omari Hardwick's photo with Joseph Sikora. 

It's unclear when the photograph was shot, but it appears to be from Power's early days. In the shot, Hardwick is seen in a car with Sikora, who played Tommy Egan, Hardwick's best friend and business partner on the show. They're both dressed up and ready for whatever business they were doing at the moment. 

"Perhaps as timeless as the show for which it was taken." For those who love 'O'Joe' as much as they love 'GhosTommy.'" In the caption, Hardwick wrote: His fans and followers reacted positively to the snapshot, giving it over 100,000 likes and a slew of positive comments. 

"I adore this!" Sikora exclaimed. "I was literally reminiscing about this just now!" @krisdlofton, I have to quote @davidleeroth: 'Those were.... Good times.' 'Damn good times,' says the narrator. 

"Nothing compares to the original." read a different comment 

"We require your return! "We missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 

Omari Hardwick's character in 'Power' died tragically. 

Before being killed off in the final season of Power, Hardwick appeared in all six seasons of the show. At initially, there were seven suspects, all of whom had motives for killing Ghost. The show had whittled it down to his son, Tariq St. Patrick, at the conclusion. Tariq shot and killed Ghost at his nightclub, Truth, because of the misery he had repeatedly caused their family. 

Viewers were heartbroken, but Ghost's demise was unavoidable for Power writer and producer Courtney Kemp. 

She explained her choice to kill Ghost to Ad Week, saying, "I had run out of stories." "I didn't want to keep making a poor program, so I looked to the Marvel Universe for inspiration." As someone who grew up watching the X-Men animation, I adore the concept of establishing a world and the method they used to do so, which was to take specific characters and look at them in different ways." 

He is, nevertheless, willing to returning. 

Despite the fact that he is no longer a part of the Power Universe, Hardwick has stated that if asked, he would be willing to return. 

On the podcast Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, he noted, "I never close the door." “… I'm never closed. You name the guy Ghost, thus there's always the probability of him becoming exactly that, in my opinion. At this point, he actually does live in a ghost space, so now that we know he's not on Earth, there's a reality where you can have flashbacks or [something else]." 

Hopefully, that will happen for his fans. In the meantime, fans may catch up on Power and its spinoffs on Starz.


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