Power Book II: Ghost: 50 Cent's trolling, according to Gianni Paolo, is solely for marketing purposes.

50 Cent (Curtis) Jackson isn't known for keeping his mouth shut. The executive producer of Power Universe and BMF is known for both his TV series and his trolling. Gianni Paolo, who plays Brayden Weston in Power and Power Book II: Ghost, claims that 50 Cent is misunderstood. 

Paolo claims that all of 50 Cent's trolling is related to the promotion of his television show. 

50 Cent has a reputation for trolling. 

It's because he has another show coming out that he gets into a feud with someone on Instagram."

When Season 1 of Power Book IV: Force ended in April 2022, 50 Cent grumbled that he would be without a series on Starz for six months. Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 2 will be released in Summer 2022, according to Starz. 

This seems that 50 Cent intended to stir things up to keep fans interested throughout the brief time between his series. 

Gianni Paolo discussed Brayden's involvement in season 3 with 'Power Book II: Ghost' fans.

While Raising Kanan is set to return this summer, Power Book II: Ghost Season 2 will not premiere until November 2022. Nonetheless, Paolo has hinted as to where we might see Brayden next. 

On an Instagram Live with Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp, Paolo remarked, "I want to murder someone; that's like a dream Brayden; I want to dig deep in." "I'd like to get it on or have a romance; those are usually entertaining." I want him to recognize when he's in love and when he's with someone." 

"I think some of that is coming," the creator of Power Universe indicated.

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