Tanker accident: Kaase residents sell syphoned fuel for ¢40 per ‘Kufuor gallon’

Some people of Kaase, in Ghana's Ashanti Region, threw caution to the wind by siphoning diesel from a tanker that had overturned on Sunday.

Before the police and fire departments arrived, many people kept several drums of fuel in their homes.

As it negotiated a bend going to the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company, the long vehicle carrying fifty-four thousand litres of diesel slid off.

"The major route was blocked, so the only option was this rocky road, and he didn't do it right, so the thing went down," says the driver. The accident's reason was stated by ADO II Ebenezer Graham.

The number of people flocking to the area to siphon fuel to their homes had to be controlled by Police and Fire Service officers.

Nearby, David is repairing sliding doors. He's holding a bucket. He soaks the fuel in the foam and squeezes the contents into the bucket.

The presence of the police does not discourage him from carrying out the operation.

"I got a call that our cocoa was ready to be harvested, so I had to hurry here." We were blocked by the police, but we eventually found our way. I need the money since the kids have to go to school tomorrow. We would not have endangered our lives here if things were going well."

"We haven't witnessed any similar accidents this year, so we're not sure why." It mostly snows up there, not here, especially during the holidays. He explained, "I sold three Kufuor jugs full of diesel for 120 cedis each."

An elderly man in his late 50s stands a few meters away from the crime site. A bucket of diesel sits in front of him. He describes how the booty was shared by virtually the entire community.

"Making money is extremely difficult, so we had to seize the opportunity to earn some cash." We know it can only kindle a flame if we syphon the fuel with aluminum. As a result, we drenched the fuel in foam," he explained.

Dealers had already purchased some of the diesel from some of them.

"Instead of 50 cedis, we sold a gallon for 40 cedis." Jude is one of the people who has sold at least 3 liters.

The Ghana National Fire Service voiced dissatisfaction with the public's behavior.

Source: Myjoyonline.com

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