Three ladies were caught on camera at a store stealing stuff inside their bra, underwear, and bags.

Three women were caught thieving things at the supermarket in yet another embarrassing video circulating the internet. 

One of the three women, dressed in a long white gown, was seen slipping the stolen things inside her brassiere and underwear in the viral video. 

The shameless woman appeared stressed as she hurriedly packed the items, but she had no idea she had been caught by the supermarket's CCTV system. 

The other two women (accomplices) turned to the edges of the shelves as they stuffed items into their bags, oblivious to what might happen if they were discovered.

Following its appearance on the internet, the video has ignited a heated debate. Netizens are perplexed as to why these women would steal from a grocery. 

Is it possible to blame their conduct on poverty? What could possibly drive women their age to such extremes? Let us know what you think in the comments area.


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