Two boys were arrested for the murder of Pragya rider.

Two boys were arrested for the murder of Pragya rider. 

According to reports reaching us, two adolescents have been arrested in Dormaa Ahenkuro for the murder of Pragya rider Stephen Adom in Kyeremasu. 

Chief Superintendent Boakye Ansah, the Divisional Police Commander, said the accused sought supernatural powers from a fetish priest in the Kyeremasu area. 

According to unconfirmed reports, the victims were asked to pay GHS150 each by the pragya rider, Adom Stephen, and because they did not have that much on them, they robbed and murdered him. 

According to the officer, the two teenagers killed Stephen in order to steal the money, but they were later apprehended by police after a tip. 

The deceased's father, Kwame Emmanuel, said his son went to work on Thursday only to be informed of his death. 

He added that he had been asked to assist with the investigation at the Dormaa Ahenkuro police station. 

Meanwhile, other Pragya riders are outraged by the occurrence and are requesting that the suspects be released so that they may be dealt with. 

Similar events were allegedly reported in the region, but the police shielded the suspects and nothing came of it.

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