A Kenyan woman who is having an affair with her own father and has three children for him tells her story.

Joyce Ngugi, a Kenyan woman, has stated that she has been having an affair with her biological father. 

Joyce and her father had an abysmal relationship when she was young, according to the story, which has been shared by multiple Kenyan media outlets. Her father sexually abused her. 

She added in an interview that she had been unable to tell her mother or anyone else about the situation because he threatened to kill her if she did. 

"My father slept with me for years and we have a child together," she explained. Our child is now eight years old. Nothing anyone can say to me will persuade me to love my father because he has abused me since I was a small child, and I was afraid to speak up. 

My mother no longer speaks to me; she has even blocked my phone number, and I no longer live at home. I still love my mother, but all I ask is for God to touch her heart and forgive me because I was just a child when all of this began. 

This is something I will never allow my kid to go through in her life. Despite my zigzag education, I will make my mother proud. Maybe she'll forgive me."

Source: GhBase.com

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