A man who gave his mother a kidney transplant to save her life passes away shortly after.

A segment of the internet is in grief after a young guy who gave his kidney to his sick mother passed away soon after his act of kindness. 

A Muslim tweep posted the tragic news on social media, saying that the young man, who was only 20 years old, passed away after donating his organ to keep his mother alive. 

The surgery was unfortunately not totally successful because the young guy who donated his kidney passed away while his mother was still alive. 

He died after donating his kidney to his mother, Allah Sarki Man, according to the Twitter user who posted a fuzzy image of the deceased, likely taken at the hospital where the procedure was performed. My brother, you truly died a hero. I feel your pain, and I know that your mother is still with us. May the Almighty Allah grant him jannatul Firdaus. 

Yes, he is a hero.

Source: Ghbase.com

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