A video of macho man abusing young women in Obuasi becomes viral

Social media users are outraged after seeing a disturbing video of an unidentified man abusing a young woman on the streets of Obuasi. 

The woman, who is dressed in a black gown, can be seen yelling at the significantly built man, who is dressed in a white T-Shirt over a pair of shorts and sneakers. 

It's unclear what happened between the two before, but a clip of the viral video appears to show the lady pushing the man while firmly grasping the man's shirt. 

When the woman wouldn't calm down despite his attempts to calm her down, the man who had been trying to hold back the provocation to react lost his composure and attacked her savagely. 

As the man hit and kicked the woman to the ground, a group of males recorded the scene and stood by unfazed.

On social media, the video has sparked debate on who was right and wrong to assault one another. 

While many people decried the man's abuse, others said the woman should be held accountable for inciting the man to beat her up. 

They think the woman crossed the line and got what she deserved for standing up to the man even though she knew she couldn't win a fight with him.

Source: Ghpage.com 

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