Achimota Rasta student becomes increasingly stubborn; he severely injures his father's hand over a little disagreement.


Tereo said in a viral video that his child hit him while he was attempting to intervene in a fight between his older son Tyron and his sister. 

"This is what Tyron has done to my hands," he says in the video, "he wrecked his sister's iPad this morning." 

"He had a disagreement with his sister, and I went over to ask him why, and he simply disconnected his laptop and walked over me, and that is what he has been doing all these years," Tereo grumbled. Tereo was alluding to the fact that Tereo had approached him to inquire as to why he had just done what he had just done. 

Tereo and Tryon Marghuy made headlines last year when Achimota School denied Tryon's application to attend on the grounds that his faith and hair prevented him from getting admitted. 

The Marghuys decided to take the matter to court, and were successful in getting a judgement requiring the school to allow the boy to attend with his rasta. 

Regardless of the court's decision, the Attorney General filed an appeal with the High Court in an attempt to overturn the decision.I 


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