After 20 years of concentrating on academic enrichment initiatives, 50 Cent is now giving high school students' businesses $500,000 in donations.

Despite the fact that 50 Cent bullies, he still knows how to reciprocate. The hip-hop entrepreneur has a long history of generosity, but it is frequently obscured by his numerous conflicts with Oprah and The Starz Network, among others. Let's examine the several instances in which 50 has shown virtue. 

History of 50 Cent's Philanthropy 

Fast was how 50 Cent established his empire. He had been one of hip-most hop's promising stars for years before he finally launched his debut album, "Get Rich or Die Tryin," which broke sales records. His interests gradually expanded to include fashion, novels, movies, video games, and investments. 

One of his projects, a beverage called Street Kings, sought to feed hungry children once a bottle of the beverage was sold. In addition, he collaborated with SMS Audio and Feeding America to donate food to kids for every pair of headphones sold. He collaborated with Robert Greene in 2009 to publish the business and self-help book. Others are motivated to achieve their goals and desires by the 50th Law. After selling the expansive house he had bought from Mike Tyson, he suffered a loss of $12 million in 2019. The $2.3 million he did earn, according to some, was given to charity by his G-Unity Foundation. 

G-Unity Foundation: What Is It? 

G-Unity, according to their official website, supports a number of initiatives that have been shown to benefit urban children. I've spent years volunteering my time and efforts to places in need, 50 claims in his official statement. To help children in a similar way and make their lives a little easier than mine, I founded G-Unity. 50 emphasizes how essential teamwork and entrepreneurship have been to him throughout his career and how he wants to promote such qualities in the following generation of business leaders. "I welcome G-support Unity's of initiatives that are vitally important in preparing children for success in life," says the supporter. 

According to the website, there have been a number of notable charitable achievements in recent years, such as 50 Cent's surprise appearance at a toy drive in Houston, Texas, in 2020 to support families impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A 2012 essay titled "Conscious Capitalism: How 50 Cent Gives Back" is also included. In it, 50 talks about starting G-Unity and is shown distributing turkeys as part of a Thanksgiving effort. 

50 Cent gives students $500,000 in seed money. 

A recent video by Black Wall Street Dot Com featured 50 Cent and his $500k investment into student-run businesses at The Hustle Talk. His Foundation has recently expanded to include the G-Unity Business Lab, which recently joined with the HISD to encourage and support students. 

He has been employed with HISD for two years. Last year, 50 gave $300,000 to three district schools. These contributions will aid in equipping schools with cutting-edge business labs. "Over the past 20 years, I've been focusing on intellectual enrichment initiatives and making donations to existing fascinating organizations that can implement it," 50 stated in a statement from last year. 

He continues by saying that following Covid, his interest grew as a result of his observations of our children's advanced need for help. Due to his new deal with the Houston Rockets Toyota Center, which will exclusively feature his range of alcoholic beverages and branding, 50 has taken a particular interest in Houston.


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