"Apart From Money, Men Have Nothing To Offer Women In A Relationship" – Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro, a popular relationship expert, stirred an internet debate when she said that a man can't give a lady anything other than money. 

The Break or Makeup founder, who is known for her heated comments on relationships, stated in a recent social media post that a man's main obligation is to provide for his woman. 

She argued that if a man does not give his woman money, he is uninterested in the relationship and is wasting her time because men invest their money where they remain. 

Men, she claims, are natural providers who were not designed to do much for a woman other than care for her. She went on to say that a woman is built to multitask. 

She asked women to let their husbands take care of their responsibilities, which include providing for their families. 

According to her, 

"What will a man do with you if he does not offer you money? Absolutely nothing." He'll just be sucking the life out of you. A man who does not give you money is wasting your time since there is nothing a man can give a woman other than money. 

"Males are providers because that is how God created them; provision is a sense of obligation in men." Men can only do so much for a woman since she is designed to multitask. His responsibility is to provide for you, and it fills a guy with joy and delight to be able to do so. 

"Love requires giving; if your partner is parsimonious with you, he simply does not love you." Allow a man to fulfill his responsibilities; a man's role is to care for you."

Source: Ghbase.com

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  1. Do women have something to offer at all? They won't go look for job, they want money from men.