As he arrives in Los Angeles with his wife Hailey, Justin Bieber is seen for the FIRST time after discovering that he had Ramsay Hunt syndrome.


After receiving a diagnosis of the uncommon neurological condition Ramsay Hunt syndrome earlier this month, pop singer Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey were spotted for the first time. 

The Grammy winner, 28, and his supermodel husband, 25, enjoyed some quality time together on a private island in the Bahamas on Sunday before he returned to Los Angeles and concentrated on his rehabilitation. 

The Ghost singer stayed close to his wife as they were transported off the tarmac with all of their bags in tow after getting off a private jet. 

Justin dressed in a white hoodie, baseball cap, silver sunglasses, and a pair of bright pink sweatpants for the journey home. 

In an oversized black leather jacket over a white tank top and olive-green jeans, his other half, who just two weeks ago debuted her own skincare line called Rhode, cut a relaxed figure. 

With black sunglasses, tiny gold hoops, and her light brown hair in a sloppy bun, the five-foot-seven beauty looked stunning. 

The couple traveled for over six hours, but they didn't waste any time and went straight to Sushi Park in West Hollywood for a quick meal before returning to their apartment. 

The two had been spotted together recently after Justin revealed he had to cancel all of his American dates for his Justice World Tour due to facial paralysis. 

The remaining US Justice tour dates for June and early July have been postponed due to Justin's ongoing recuperation, according to a statement announcing the news. 

Justin is optimistic about his rehabilitation, receiving the best medical treatment available, and is eager to return to the road and play for his fans abroad later this summer. 

According to Justin's website, his world tour will continue on July 31, 2022, in Italy, and it will conclude on March 25, 2023, in Krakau, Poland. 

Because of his battles with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Justin has had to postpone the Justice Tour dates a second time. 

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is connected with transient hearing loss and facial paralysis that has the potential to become permanent, according to the Mayo Clinic. 

Justin shared with his Instagram followers two weeks ago that he had a "non-Covid related ailment." 

He was unable to blink in a video he posted to his social media, and he spoke without moving his right side of his face. 

Naturally, as you can probably see from my face. I have a condition known as Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is brought on by a virus that targets the nerves in my ear and face, paralyzing my face as a result. 

Later, Justin updated his Instagram Story with a depressing message, writing: "Been becoming progressively difficult to eat which has been incredibly stressful, please pray for me [tearing up emoji]". 

In the video, Justin demonstrated the catastrophic ramifications of his diagnosis by demonstrating how, on the right side of his face, he is unable to grin, blink, or move his nostril. 

So, one half of my face is completely paralyzed, he said. For anyone who are disappointed by my postponing the next performances, please understand that I am simply and physically incapable of doing so. You can see that this is quite serious. I wish this weren't the case, but I'm sure that you guys can understand that my body is telling me that I need to calm down. I'll be making the most of this time to unwind, recover, and regain my strength so I can carry out the tasks for which I was created. 

According to, if antiviral treatment is started within 72 hours after the onset of symptoms, roughly 70% of patients will see a nearly complete recovery, and if there has been only minor nerve damage, recovery should happen within a few weeks. 

In order to address the issue, Justin claimed that he is doing everything he can, including resting, but he was honest when he noted that he is unsure of how long it will take him to heal. 

I adore you guys, he said. I appreciate your patience with me; I'm going to get better. I'm performing all of these facial exercises in the hopes that they will help my face return to normal. 

We don't know how much time it will take, but it will be fine. It's just a matter of time. I have faith in God and believe that everything is happening for a reason. I don't know what it is right now, but I'm going to rest and I love you all in the interim. Peace.'

Justin's wife stated he was recovering on a recent broadcast of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

The model, who has recently experienced health issues as well, added, "He's doing extremely well, he's getting better every single day." 

He seems to be doing much better. He's going to be fine, but it was obviously just a really shocking and random thing to happen. And all I can say is thank God he's okay. 


Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a shingles complication brought on by the same chickenpox virus (VZV), can induce facial paralysis. 

After lying dormant for years, the virus is reactivated, inflaming and irritating the face nerves. 

VZV is not harmful unless it is reactivated, at which point new symptoms will show up. 

When the immune system is compromised and less able to fend off infection, the virus can get reactivated. A trigger is frequently stress. 

According to statistics, RHS will affect five out of every 100,000 adults in the US. According to the NHS, it presents a comparable threat in the UK. 

RHS rarely affects children because it often affects individuals in their 60s. 

Antiviral medicine is frequently used as treatment. Within three days of the onset of symptoms, doctors advise getting medical attention. 

What signs are present? 

Deflated facial muscles 

Eye closure issues A change in taste 

facial expression loss difficulty speaking, eating, and drinking

Source: DailyMail 

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