Because he didn't want to repay the man's money, he 'chopped' all of his money and reported him to the police. Fetish priest who contacted the police to have a man arrested for bringing his daughter for'sika duro.'

There's been a fresh twist in the story of the Ghanaian fetish priest who saved the life of a little girl who was brought to him by her father to be sacrificed for ritual reasons. 

A native doctor has been praised for alerting the authorities after a guy brought his lovely daughter to him to be slain and sacrificed to the gods in order to become wealthy overnight. 

The juju man pretended to be interested in the 'bargain,' but when he was alone, he surreptitiously called the cops and informed them of the man's heinous deed. 

The suspect, whose name was provided as Evans Oppong, claimed that despite being abroad for a long time, he was not making progress in life and that, because he has 12 children, he wanted to sacrifice two to put him on the route to wealth. 

The herbalist explained that he was previously a military guy, and that his instinct drove him to act quickly because he does not condone wickedness. 

” Well, a young man named Odehe Bi, who appears to live in the same area as the fetish priest, has posted a damning report on social media about him. 

According to him, the priest, whose name has been provided as Adu Boafo, is not as pure and heroic as he portrays himself to be. 

He accused him of extorting a large sum of money from the suspect, and after he failed to refund his money due to his inability to correctly complete the rites, he called the cops.


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