Courtney A. Kemp Discloses That Boris Kodjoe Nearly Got The Role Of Ghost In Power

On June 7, 2014, Power debuted on STARZ, sending viewers into a frenzy. The fast introduction of a fresh cast of characters captured the attention of millions of followers for years. You immediately knew you were in for a ride as the opening credits rolled and Joe's seductive vocals boomed out, "They claim this is a big affluent town.. I just came from the poorest area." 

By now, everyone is aware that Omari Hardwick played the role of James "Ghost" St. Patrick. However, what if the images and the 50-Cent and Joe duet were being played while you saw a different name? That nearly occurred, according to Courtney A. Kemp, the show's creator. 

In an interview with The Crew Has It podcast, Courtney A. Kemp discussed how Real Husband of Hollywood actor Boris Kodjoe nearly got the part of Ghost. But she was very clear that she had always "known who [she] wanted" from the beginning. Kemp said, "I wanted Omari Hardwick." "That's who I wanted from the start," she said. She claimed that the studio had different ideas and intended to use a more appealing actor. But she always believed Omari Hardwick captured the character exactly as she had imagined. 

Courtney A. Kemp had to compliment Boris Kodjoe for "crushing" his audition even though she fell in love with Omari Hardwick right away as James "Ghost" St. Patrick. She insisted, "Boris was fantastic, but no one ever believes me. She emphasizes his multilingualism and acknowledges that he is "physically imposing." Kemp came to the conclusion that because Ghost is "simply too lovely," his representation of him wouldn't "feel authentic." 

Oddly enough, despite being offered the part and ultimately accepting it, Omari Hardwick almost turned it down. On The Fat Joe Show, the actor confessed to Fat Joe that he had some worries that almost stopped him. Hardwick primarily played supporting roles before taking the protagonist in a show. But he asserts that in order to admit his fear of being "the guy," he "ultimately had to look in the mirror." It wasn't until Jennifer Pfautch, his wife, told him of a prayer she had been offering for him. She prayed to God, asking him to let him accept his might, he recalled. It's interesting to note that neither understood at the time that the show would be called Power. 

Omari Hardwick may also identify with Courtney A. Kemp's remarks about an actor being too gorgeous to be credible in a certain kind of job. The actor remembered on a time he had tried out for the movie Gridiron Gang, which starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and rapper Xzibit, during his episode of TV One's Unsung docuseries. 

In the end, Hardwick was cast in the movie as "Free." But when he went to the audition, the casting director warned him that he was "too good-looking" for the role. Omari Hardwick persisted though, and eventually made his way back, sporting a new appearance that included a gold tooth. He succeeded in fooling the same casting director because she was unaware that Hardwick was the same person she had seen in an audition a week earlier.

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