Due to a police attack, an English teacher at an Islamic high school loses his sight.

In an interview with Ashanti Regional Coordinator Elisha Adarkwah on ClassFM, Guidance and Counseling Coordinator Gladys Manu stated this. 

The instructor was allegedly attacked after approaching the cops to stop them from assaulting youngsters during the chaos. 

When they put tear gas on him, it took some time before he felt the pain...because it's that bad...I suppose he feels the pain the moment he opens his eyes." 

According to Mrs. Manu, who is also in charge of the counseling team, the team looks to have made some progress with the victims. 

There was a lot of anxiety and worry in the past. They've received the help of the guidance and counseling team since Monday, and you can see them laughing and speaking as if nothing had happened. 

As we've explained to them, it's only a coincidence. They must forgive themselves and those who have wronged them, and I don't think I need to say anything further based on their reactions. 

They've forgiven each other and are happy. Others seemed to be in such a bad mood that they vowed they would never forgive the officers. 

She has ruled out the option of becoming a police officer for the time being. The client is now able to explain that she has forgiven them and herself, according to the Guidance and Counselling Coordinator. 

"All we're trying to do is get their minds back to their books and then forget about this issue," she continued. "We're also guiding them that if they have any problems, there is a guidance and counselling coordinator in their school, and instead of going their own way, they should go to the coordinator and submit to him or her." 

She reassured them of her and the rest of the class's support. 

"As for the teachers," she added, "one is very ill." We must travel to him and pay him a visit from here. He was just recently released from the hospital a few hours ago, yet he is still blind." 

She explained, "I think it's because of the teargas." He won't be able to view it for a long time because it's so painful. ” 

During a demonstration on Monday, a clash between students and police resulted in the hospitalization of 38 students. 

To disperse the students protesting the regular knockdowns near their college campus, police fired warning bullets and sprayed tear gas.

Source: Ghbase.com

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