Is Latoya Tonodeo (Diana Tejada) married?? CHECK IT OUT HERE

Latoya Tonodeo plays the Tejada crime family's younger sister, who has managed to remain out of trouble until the end of season two of Power Book II: Ghost. 

Despite knowing a lot about what her family was up to behind each other's backs in the Starz drama, she has managed to keep quiet. This lasted until the second season's episode Drug Related, when she could no longer keep her mouth shut, much to the delight of the audience. 

Diana (Latoya Tonodeo) chose to tell her family all of their deepest secrets as they sat around the dinner table. 

She first stated that Cane (Woody McClain) had disrupted the family's cocaine supply, forcing them to rely on him as a source of cocaine.

Diana then went after her brother Duru (Lovell Adams-Gray), who had yet to get rid of his nagging partner. 

Then Diana revealed that her mother, Monet (Mary J Blige), had been having an affair behind Lorenzo's (Berto Colon) back. 

This led to the shocking revelation that Zeke (Daniel Bellomy) was her son rather than Monet's nephew, which startled both the family and the audience. 

Latoya Tonodeo, the star of Power Book 2, is married. 

Latoya Tonodeo, who plays Diana Tejada in the film Diana Tejada, is not married, but she is engaged. 

Arlen Escarpeta, a Belizean actor, is her fiancee, with whom she has supposedly been dating since 2014. 

The couple discussed their work as well as their romance on the Spanish late-night chat show Noches con Platanito in 2018. 

Tonodeo revealed that they met at the gym for the first time. 

"I had my hair done, I had my workout outfit on, and it fit pretty well," Tonodeo explained. 

"However, my shoes were quite horrible, and I had no idea he was into shoes." 

"Our first date occurred at the gym," Escarpeta captioned the brief video on his Instagram page. Since then, she's improved her #sneaker"

Tonodeo and Escarpeta struck it off and have been together ever since, despite the minor matter of her footwear. 

The couple's personal lives are kept confidential, therefore little more is known about them. 

Tonodeo shared a photo of her engagement ring on her Instagram account after she and Escarpeta got engaged towards the end of last year. 

Since then, the actress has kept a low profile, preferring to keep any specifics about their wedding plans between them and their closest friends and family. 

Although the couple first met at the gym, they have subsequently collaborated.


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