Justin Bieber's paralysis is 'getting better,' according to his wife Hailey Bieber.

Justin Bieber has been on the mend since announcing last week that he had Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which immobilized half of his face. Since then, the pop artist has only issued a single message to his followers, updating them on his health. 

However, he has not made any public appearances, but his wife Hailey just provided an update. 

Hailey Beiber visited the 'Good Morning America' program as part of her promotional tour for the new Rhode skincare products she just released, where she was clearly asked about Justin's illness. Surprisingly, Hailey appears unconcerned with the event, giving optimism to the singer's fans. She also said that the couple has grown closer as a result of their health issues. 

This is what Hailey Bieber had to say about it: "He's doing fantastically. He's improving on a daily basis. He's doing much better and, obviously, it was just a really terrifying and strange incident that occurred, but he'll be OK. I'm just relieved that he's okay. Just from fans, friends, and family, the response has been incredible. Everyone has given their best wishes, guidance, and recommendations. It's been really incredible." 

Hailey Bieber remarked on her own health scare: "I'm in terrific spirits. I'm simply allowing my body to heal and recover... but I'm doing fine now. I believe the silver lining is that it brings us closer together because you're going through it together, being there for one other, supporting each other, and there's something that truly binds you together during these times." 

Far doctors were initially concerned for Justin Bieber since these facial paralysis diagnoses can sometimes be a precursor to even scarier things down the road. For everyone concerned about Justin Bieber, Hailey's words are reassuring. 

The musician also sent a touching statement about his wife's new skincare products, openly expressing his admiration for her. Hopefully, both of them will be able to look back on this trying period and reflect on it in a healthy manner in the near future. Inside the Bieber household, 2022 has been a trying year.

Source: amp.marca.com

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