Kevin Costner of Yellowstone finally admits whether he knows how the show will end.

Whatever the case, Taylor Sheridan already has a plan for Yellowstone's demise. Does the series' star Kevin Costner know what's going on? 

In the middle of Season 4, Taylor Sheridan told the New York Times, "Well, I know how it ends." At the time, it was somewhat of a shock. But that was quite predictable for those who are familiar with Sheridan's operations. 

To that conclusion, I'm writing. You can't put a tale in neutral just because it's successful; there's only so much hovering one can do before it starts to lose its motility. You won't see nine seasons of it, but it will last however many years it takes for me to tell the story. No way." 

Although having less Yellowstone may initially seem like a bad thing, Sheridan prioritizes quality above quantity. And in Outsider's opinion, that is a good thing. Sheridan claims that destroying the Duttons in order to produce more episodes will harm the show rather than help it. 

But he's not the only one who is aware of the outcome. The creator of Yellowstone, who is currently working on at least three direct spinoffs as a result of the phenomenal success of the prequel 1883, has confided in a close associate. Is Kevin Costner that coworker? 

While filming Season 5, Costner says in his most recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, "No, I don't know how it ends." Thus, Costner is not the culprit. However, he does acknowledge in the same interview that he is curious. 

Nevertheless, Costner isn't any more eager to ruin the show than Sheridan is. He smirks, "I'm going to end if it doesn't finish." 

Years ago, Taylor Sheridan revealed to a fellow EP how "Yellowstone" ends. 

Who then knows how it all turns out? 

In a 2020 interview, David Glasser, co-lead of Sheridan's 101 Studios, stated, "He told me the Yellowstone finale the day we started." "I have no idea when that will occur. However, he is aware of how each character turns out. 

Glasser claims that Sheridan is fully aware of how their main show will conclude. He is familiar with each character's history, said Glasser. 

Costner, on the other hand, is not in a rush to reach that conclusion as long as his patriarch and the Dutton family continue to be "interesting." 

Costner grins tells ET, "I'll go until it doesn't seem like we're interesting. Right now we have our foot on the accelerator and that feels OK to me. "I have other things I want to accomplish because I have interests outside of whatever I do, including watching movies." 

The iconic creator of Yellowstone is currently working on his own Western saga, Horizon. The series, which will be divided into four films, will mark his return to directing, a profession that brought him an Oscar for Dances With Wolves. You should definitely read the entire details right here on Outsider because it sounds really fantastic. 

On November 13, only on Paramount Network, he will make a comeback as John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5.


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