Kim Kardashian Paddle-Boarded With Pete Davidson in a Splashy Swimsuit

People demand more Kete (K)content, and Kim Kardashian is supplying it to them. The reality star is still posting photos from her tropical vacation with boyfriend Pete Davidson, and her most recent Instagram post is nothing short of spectacular. Kardashian shared a carousel of photographs and videos from the couple's paddle boarding trip to her Instagram feed on Friday. 

The first image in the series is a selfie of the comedian with the shapewear entrepreneur seated on a long red board in the background. Kim is holding an oar in one hand and both arms in the air. Other photos and videos, which appear to have been taken by Davidson, show Kardashian rowing in the crystal blue water and striking a couple of poses on her surfboard. 

Other photos show the two of them having a cute couple moment. Kardashian glances up at Davidson in one image, emphasizing their noticeable height disparity, and the two are all smiles. Another photo shows the two wading in the water with their arms around each other, taken from above.


Kim captioned the photo, "Stranded." Kim wore a glittering silver and black bandeau-style bikini top with matching high-waisted pants in the set of photos. She wore black biking shorts over the bikini in the other images. 

The social media wizard, however, did not stop there. She also shared a slew of humorous videos on her Instagram Story, in which Pete attempts to be an instagram boyfriend. Kim informed her 318 million followers, "Our few attempts at trying to get material coming up..." Kim was seen on camera posing in front of a beautiful beach and palm tree by Davidson. Kim was seen splashing around in the water in another Instagram post, with Pete behind the camera encouraging she do it again. "How can I know if he's making fun of me?!?" 

She then showed a video of herself saying "Hi!" to the camera, which was met with a chuckle from Pete. "Oh he's making fun of me," she stated with three laugh-crying emojis in this caption, confirming her thoughts. 

The Saturday Night Live alumnus, it turns out, got a lot of content for his fiancée. She also uploaded a handful of recordings of the two going on a romantic bike ride, as well as a few more clips from the sea. "He turned out to be the best photographer, and we got the cutest photos and simply had so much fun trying!" she ended.


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