Leslie Kay works as a Chartered Accountant during the week and as a Rabbit Farmer on weekends.

Chartered accountant on weekdays, Rabbit Farmer on Weekends: Leslie Kay’s story

Leslie Kay chartered accountant has showed interest in farming rabbit since childhood and even graduated as chartered accountant still rear rabbits as part time job

He started rearing rabbit when he was in class five

“I started rabbit long time ago and   around class five I bought one rabbit but we have Very wild dog in our house so I could not keep the rabbit right with me and I sent to a friend for quite period of time but along  the line this friend of mine told me that my rabbit is dead and after some time I went for vacation at my grandmother place and pick new one from there”he said

Rabbit farming was something that he loved to do, at first it was always a friend who was rearing it and sometimes he spent much time with these animals by feeding them. That is where he developed love for these animals.

He loved rabbits to the extent that when he was in SHS,he sent the rabbit to school where his colleagues  saw it and named him 'adanko'

. He has more rabbits now that he rear for both commercial purposes.

In his interview with MultiCDB,be revealed that

“People used to come all the way from Tema to purchase my rabbit and kids also come and buy some of the younger ones and it got to a time a man came here and buy six when I was having about seventy rabbits”

In terms of how he sells his rabbit, Leslie have pages on twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp where he do adverts.

Rabbit is so essential that they use its skin as wool and the meat gives a kind of nutrients. We have different types of rabbit such as New Zealand White, California, Dutch rabbit among others

He said that his  rabbit breed between five to six months and can produce an average of six.

If you have heart and love for animals with small capital you can start a rabbit farm he added

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Source : Multicdb

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