Omari Hardwick Discloses His 'Power' Salary: 'I Never Made What I Should Have Made'

Omari Hardwick is revealing how much money he made on Power. In the show, he played James St. Patrick, a drug dealer attempting to get out of the business. He planned to make a decent living as a businessman, but his life was cut short when he was shot and died in the show's final season. 

Some may believe Omari Hardwick's Power pay was enormous because he was the lead. However, he confesses that he didn't start generating a lot of money until "after Power." 

The pay of Omari Hardwick from 'Power' has been disclosed. 

Hardwick was questioned about the point in his career when he found financial success on the Pivot show. At the 49:00 mark, he stunned the hosts, former NFL stars Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor, by saying, "I still haven't made what I should have made." "I haven't made any money yet." I never made what I was supposed to make. Never. "It's finally occurring." 

As they continued to show incredulity at his remarks, he asked the hosts how much they thought he made on Power. Clark responded, "Angela Bassett makes $250,000 on 911." "She's the week's highest-paid employee." As a result, you needed to earn at least [$150,000]." 

Hardwick conceded, "Then no, you got it right." "This is the first time I've ever revealed it." But I was also the network's public face. Angela isn't the network's public face. She is one of the most talented actors on the planet, yet she is not the network's face. It's all about the numbers." 

"What do you, Fred, and Channing do when we go to renegotiate contracts as athletes?" He went on to say, "You coach this, this, this, this," comparing it to his time with Power. 

He said, "... I'm a football cat." "Metrics speak, Ryan." Do you have any idea why I enjoy sports? Because it's all about the Xs and Os in sports. There are no goals; you can either make a play or sit on the bench. So, there's that activist and poet with a lot of kindness and mercy. To be like Starz, I'm still incredibly modest, and I'll thank 50 [Cent] and Courtney [Kemp, the show's creator] forever, but they all know he didn't make any money."


However, he understands that life is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Despite the fact that he wasn't generating as much money as he wanted, he understands that life is a marathon, not a sprint, which he owes to late rapper Nipsey Hussle. 

"It's a marathon, Fred," Hardwick continued. "It's a marathon, for sure." And I believe that some of my leverage stems from the fact that I think of it that way. S***, I despise the fact that it's a marathon. "I wish I had the unexpected pay." However, he recognizes that everything "moves at its own rate." 

He claims that he is only now beginning to earn the money he believes he is due. Hardwick has appeared in a number of Netflix projects in the two years since Power ended, including Army of the Dead and Pieces of Her. 

"There are a lot more options today — and 50 and Courtney and Starz did give me a lovely lob — but this actor who portrayed that man has been recruited by the Netflix family more than I have by Starz," Hardwick remarked. "With Starz, I had six and a half years, but with Netflix, I've practically done six movies in two years." 

One of them is a forthcoming assassin film in which he will star alongside Jennifer Lopez. He also said that he is working on a project with Kevin Hart, but that it would be released on a different streaming site. 

Is there a chance he'll return for a 'Power' spinoff? 

Hardwick is also open to returning to one of the Power spinoffs, possibly in a flashback or as a character's inner monologue. 

He previously stated on the podcast Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, "Hell, you name the person Ghost, and so there's always, to me, a chance of being just that." “… At this point, he actually does live in a ghost space, so now that we know he's not on Earth, there's a reality where you can have flashbacks or [something else]." 

"I'd come back potentially in a spinoff simply to give the program power to say, OK, Ghost is communicating to Tariq, but we know he's not truly there," he continued. Okay, Tommy has Ghost in his head, but is he actually there? Just letting go of the mystique. But I'd always be available. My life was revolutionized by [Power]."

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