Omari Hardwick (Ghost) Was Asked If Ghost Is Really De@d in Power? CHECK OUT HIS REPLY HERE

Is Ghost, in fact, D on Power? It's a question that fans of the show have been asking for a long time. 

After being s by his son, Tariq, the character, played by Omari Hardwick, appeared to in the show's final season. However, some believe he may have covertly survived for a variety of reasons. 

In the midst of persistent rumors about what happened to Ghost, Hardwick was asked about his true fate. But his response isn't straightforward. 

Omari Hardwick was questioned about what exactly occurred to Ghost in 'Power.' 

When Hardwick was asked the million-dollar question about Ghost, he was on the Pivot podcast with Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor. 

"Everyone wants to know, is Ghost actually D, bro?" Taylor inquired. "And why do they care, Fred?" Hardwick responded with a yes. “… When people ask, they say things like, 'Yo, there was no coffin.' You didn't breathe your final breath on the ground, or at least the camera didn't show it. It shows you attempting to ensure Tommy did not s your son.'" 

He didn't seem to want to answer the question because of the ongoing hype around Ghost. Hardwick added, "I won't ever say it because, Fred, I know you don't want me to say it." Courtney Kemp, the showrunner and creator of the series, has already verified Ghost's existence. 

For Ghost's appearance on 'Power,' Omari Hardwick had a different notion. 

Hardwick thought Ghost's death was an appropriate end to the character, but he had a different opinion about how it should have happened. 

He told the hosts, "The way I would have liked to see it play out is a life for a life." Hardwick likened his concept to Denzel Washington's film Man on Fire, in which Washington's character, an ex-CIA man named John Creasy, sacrifices himself for the sake of someone else. Hardwick said, "That's what I would have wanted." "I imagined Tommy [Egan] getting sucked into something, and Ghost had clearly felt [that nothing was working] after attempting every turn." 

"... After exhausting all of the choices to be greater and everything he wanted to be," he added, "what I envisioned was me having to go give a life for a life." "I probably first showed it to Courtney, but when I showed it to Joseph [Sikora, who plays Tommy], he was like, 'Yo, I love it!'" And I remarked, "It's like Romeo and Romeo instead of Romeo and Juliet." 

Tommy would have killed himself in his anguish at Ghost's death, he said. Ghost, on the other hand, was killed by his son, who was enraged by Ghost's falsehoods and treatment of their family. Tommy was so shaken by what had transpired that he chose to leave New York and start over, laying the scenario for Power Book IV: Force. 

Is Omari Hardwick going to reprise his role as Ghost in the future? 

Even though Ghost is no longer alive, Hardwick has ideas on how he could return if the writers so desire. 

He previously stated on the podcast Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, "Hell, you name the person Ghost, and so there's always, to me, a chance of being just that." “… At this point, he actually does live in a ghost space, so now that we know he's not on Earth, there's a reality where you can have flashbacks or [something else]." 

"I'd come back potentially in a spinoff simply to give the program power to say, OK, Ghost is communicating to Tariq, but we know he's not truly there," he continued. Okay, Tommy has Ghost in his head, but is he actually there? Just letting go of the mystique. But I'd always be available. My life was revolutionized by [Power]."

We'll have to wait and see whether that happens. Meanwhile, viewers may catch up on Power and its spinoffs on Starz.


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