Power Book 2 Ghost: Everything We Know About Ghost's "Secret" Brother

Fans of Power Book II: Ghost have been hoping for more appearances from Ghost's family, including a purported brother, in the sequel. But who is he, exactly? We've only heard rumblings, but here's what we know thus far in case you missed them. 

The origins of Ghost 

Before he became Ghost, James St. Patrick was just a typical youngster reared by his father, Curtis, in Queens, New York. Ghost said that watching his father operate a business motivated him to create Truth, his own nightclub. Sadly, Ghost's father died when he was young, leaving him to fend for himself.

Ghost began hustling for two local drug dealers, Kanan and Breeze, with the help of his pal Tommy Egan. He swiftly rose to become one of the most profitable and well-known drug dealers on the streets, and he used the money to fund his personal ambitions. Ghost had become a successful business entrepreneur with an equally great home life as a husband and father of three children by the time of Power. 

Ghost is said to have a sibling. 

Viewers saw very little of Ghost's family during the show. Power writer and showrunner Courtney Kemp supposedly mentioned once that Ghost had a brother, but he was never seen before Ghost's death in Power, according to The Sun. 

Some speculated that he might be revealed to be Mecca, the villain from Power Book II: Ghost's second season. However, the actor who played him, Daniel Sunjata, later denied the rumors. 

He told This Is 50, "I had firsthand assurance from Courtney that that just wasn't accurate." He was referring to Kemp. Kemp's reps were contacted for comment on Sunjata's remarks, but Showbiz Cheat Sheet did not receive a response. 

According to several followers, Ghost once told Tommy that he had a sibling in the military. Others, on the other hand, claim that this never happened. 

'Power Book II: Ghost' may provide answers in a future season. 

The good news is that the story continues on Power Book II: Ghost, even though Power is finished. After what happened in the first show, that show, which premiered in 2020, focuses on Ghost's son Tariq. 

Tariq starts selling narcotics to obtain Tasha St. Patrick a lawyer after she is arrested for Ghost's murder. She is eventually found not guilty of the accusations, but she is placed in the federal witness protection program. Tariq has now lost all of his close family members, however he may have distant relations. If that's the case, perhaps they'll appear in a future season of Ghost. 

The program is presently on hiatus, but it will be back on Starz later this year. Fans can look forward to another season of the prequel series, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, premiering on Starz this summer.

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