Power Book II: Ghost’: Tariq and Brayden Actors Received Expensive Gifts Following the Launch of a New Podcast

While the production of Power Book II: Ghost is now on hold, stars Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo have more in store for fans. The actors, who play Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden Weston on the show, have collaborated on a podcast called The Crew Has It, in which they discuss the show and other intriguing things. 

Rainey and Paolo received a surprise present from two (famous) peers to commemorate the premiere of the first episode, which aired in April. 

To commemorate the introduction of their podcast, Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo received gifts. 

Rainey and Paolo's production firm, Twenty Two Entertainment, is debuting with the podcast. According to Deadline, the company was founded this year with backing from Artists For Artists. Kenan Thompson and John Ryan Jr. own that business. 

Thompson and Ryan reportedly surprised Rainey and Paolo by giving them Gucci back bags in honor of the podcast's launch. On the Gucci website, they appear to cost roughly $2,500.

 "I'd want to give a shout-out to John and Kenan. Rainey said around the 2:10 point of the first episode of The Crew Has It, showing off the bags, "They pulled up on the boys [with] first-day gifts." "So, man," Paolo said, "we're excited." "We're really looking forward to it." 

The Power Universe and more are discussed in Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo's podcast. 

Paolo continued by describing what viewers might expect from him and Rainey on the episode.

"Basically, the podcast will be a lot of Power Universe," Paolo explained. "Yes, your favorite characters from the original [series], from Raising Kanan, from Force, will be returning." Rainey continued, "Everyone from everywhere." 

"We've got some fantastic guests coming in from the OG Power, including fan favorites, so it'll be super cool." "Obviously, a lot of people from Ghost came in, because that's the best one," Paolo added, chuckling. "All well, then. We're going to summarize the episodes for you guys when the next ones come out - I believe Raising Kanan is the next one. We'll get some fan questions... We're going to have a lot of opportunities to communicate with fans... As a result, we're ecstatic." 

Power Book II: Ghost, which follows Tariq St. Patrick (Rainey) following his father Ghost's death in Power, is now being led by the two. Tariq needs a college diploma in order to obtain his inheritance, so he enrolls at the elite Stansfield University. When money becomes a concern, he, like his father, turns to drug selling. He collaborates with his best buddy Brayden Weston (Paolo) and Effie Morales, a former classmate (Alix Lapri). 

Season 3 of 'Power Book II: Ghost' is currently under production. 

Detective Blanca Rodriguez returned to investigate Mecca's death in the latest season of Ghost, which ended in February with a startling twist. As viewers are aware, he was assassinated by Monet Tejada. Blanca, on the other hand, believes Tariq did it because he was seen near Mecca's penthouse during the time of his death. 

Blanca's supervisor, Courtney Kemp, told Entertainment Weekly, "She is absolutely going to attempt to get Tariq." "And, as the show's law enforcement ranks dwindle, it's always interesting to have people have a lengthy history with the viewer." What Blanca does in Season 3 and how she plots to confront Tariq will elicit significant reactions from the audience." 

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 has yet to be given a release date, however Starz has stated that it would be "coming soon." Starz currently has the first two seasons of the show available.

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