The wife of the man who tried to kill his own daughter for money rituals talks about what happened.

The wife of a Ghanaian businessman accused of attempting to sacrifice his own daughter for financial gain has spoken out about her husband's illegal behavior. 

On Friday, a video went viral on social media after a traditional herbalist called the cops on a guy who had traveled from abroad to seek aid with his financial problems. 

The man stated he was struggling overseas, so he came to him and said he was willing to do anything to get back on his feet, according to him. 

He claimed that the desperate father claimed to have 12 children and that he was willing to kill two of them in order to obtain financial independence. However, he gave a tip to the security service, which led to the man's arrest, because killing people for rituals is illegal and against to his beliefs. 

Evelyn Kemeh, speaking to state television GTV, claimed she and her Kumasi-based husband had only spoken on the phone a few times since his return from abroad, but he has never told her about his issues. 

According to her, the husband called her on Tuesday, three days before the event, to tell her about his plans to take his daughter to a tailor to get her measurements for a friend in another country who wanted to sew some garments for her and send them down. 

She claimed that after he picked up the girl on Friday morning, she received a call from the police informing her of his husband's detention. 

Watch the video below to hear her recount the events that led to her daughter being placed in the herbalist's home. 

In the meantime, the herbalist who raised the alarm on the suspect who is currently in police custody has been shown to be a serial blackmailer and fraudster. 

The individual has a long history of extorting money from people and/or putting them up, according to a series of Facebook posts published by social critic Kwame A plus. 

According to the information conveyed to him by certain military men who worked with the fetish priest while he was in the Ghana Armed Forces, he was supposedly expelled from the army because of his covert schemes aimed at bringing others into disrepute. 

The case is currently being investigated by the police.


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