Video shows Cheddar's son giving cash in East Legon following the GIS prom

Since images from the event went viral on social media and some Ghanaians couldn't stop praising them, GIS Prom has been trending on our local digital space for almost three days. 

Rich students who are seen arriving for the event in posh cars, fashionable outfits, and jeweled dresses captured the attention of many viewers in some of the films. 

After previously trending for sporting a 3.6 million Richard Mille watch, Cheddar's son is still making news. 

It wasn't much of a surprise because his father is one of Ghana's wealthiest men, but the price of the watch shocked everyone. 

Young Cheddar's team has released a new video that has received a ton of engagements that shows him giving money to those who are less financially secure. 

One may observe the optimistic man pulling some large cedi notes out of his pocket to give some lucky folks a blessing. 

The prom is held annually at Ghana International School (GIS). Ghanaians are shocked by the event each year. 

High school students get together to dance at promenade dances, sometimes known as proms. 

People always have something to speak about at prom, whether it is the fashion statements, the display of luxury vehicles, the money, or the attractive students who attend.

Watch The Video Below:


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