Watch as an Odeshi man whose body could not be penetrated by bullets flaunts his body.

After shooters fired him but the bullet failed to penetrate his body, a young guy

claimed to have the ability of invincibility. 

A video posted on the internet to this effect shows one man telling in his local language that the odeshi man was shot multiple times by unknown gunmen, but that nothing happened to him. 

He did, however, suffer a slight injury as a result of the bullet rebounding off of him. He has also been revealed to have purchased charms that enable him to withstand gunshots. 

The victim reportedly drew out his T-shirt from the car and displayed the bullet holes while being greeted by the person recording the video. 

In other developments, a wedding day drama was enacted when a couple ditched the traditional wedding cake for something else no one saw coming, as previously reported on 

The bride proudly gave her husband fufu and soup in a video that went viral, and he enthusiastically drank every mouthful his new wife put in his mouth. 

The couple apparently chose to keep their wedding traditional, yet they were still dressed in the customary suit and white gown. 

Social media hailed their idea, which adds dynamism to the way wedding celebrations are organized.


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