A court fined a dishonest salesperson GH36k after she stole GH60k from her employer.

After stealing GH60,502 from her employer and getting caught, a dishonest Ghanaian salesperson was fined GH36,000. Felicia Baidoo Even though Tei denied the charge in court, he was found guilty of the crime. The woman was told to give out some products to customers of the company where she worked, but she didn't keep track of what she sold. 

A salesgirl got into trouble when she stole GH60,502 from her boss without permission. Felicia Baidoo Tei's company asked her to bring Nestle Ghana Limited products to their customers, but she didn't keep track of what she sold. She went to a court in Accra where Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah was the judge. There, she was fined 3,000 penalty units, which is about $36,000. If Tei can't pay the fine, she will have to spend five months in prison doing hard work. 

Chief Inspector Benson Benneh, who was in charge of prosecuting the case, said that Tei was given GH60,502.00 worth of goods to sell: 28 cartons of Maggi Shrimp Tablet, 150 cartons of Maggi Shrimp Tablet, 4 cartons of Maggi Chicken Tablet, 40 cartons of Maggi Shrimp Fort, 30 cartons of Maggi Dedeede Tablet, and 40 cartons of Ideal Milk. 

She gave the goods to the right clients and got paid for them, but the money was nowhere to be found because she didn't keep track of what she sold. 

On March 26, 2020, Remi Salifu, who was a manager at Lift Mark Ghana Limited, where Tei worked, went to the Dansoman Police Station to file a complaint. Inspector Benson said he had heard that Tei was being held at the Odorkor Police Station. She was caught again, though, and taken to the Dansoman Police station. The government said that Tei admitted that she had gotten the goods from her boss and then sold them to customers. 

But she could only give GH740.00, which was not enough. She took the police to the CMB and Agbogbloshie markets, where she sold the items, but every customer told the police that they had already paid her for the items. Prosecutors asked Tei what she had done with the money, but she couldn't tell them.

Source: Yen.com.gh

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