A woman was taken to the hospital after she almost died while picking up some money on the floor.

A woman claimed that when she unexpectedly collapsed while picking up some cash she found on the floor, she believed she was going to die. 

Renee Parsons reportedly fell to the ground nearly immediately after receiving the $1 bill, according to Metro News. 

At that moment, she seized her husband Justin's arm. His lips were numb and he soon developed a rash where she had touched him. 

When Renee and her husband stopped at a McDonald's in Bellevue, Tennessee, they were their route to a conference in Dallas, Texas. 

She said, "I see a dollar bill on the ground." Without giving it a second thought, I scooped it up. 

But almost quickly, she was unwell. 

She said, "My body was absolutely numb, I could hardly breathe, and I could hardly talk." 

The patient describes the pain as "almost like a burning sensation, if you will," that begins here at the shoulders and simply descends because it feels as like it is numbing the entire body. 

After a time of silence, she finally muttered, "Justin, I'm sorry," to her husband's amusement. I love you. She simply stopped talking after that. 

She seemed to be passing away. She was undoubtedly unresponsive and pallid. 

I am aware of how I felt and what occurred, she continued. It is not fabricated. 

"The moral is, don't touch it, whether it's a $20 note or a $100 bill!"

Source: GhPage.com

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