A young girl smoking m.arijuana is seen in a viral video.


A young girl, who is thought to be only 8 years old, was seen on camera excessively smoking m.arijuana in a disturbing video that has surfaced on the internet and startled many Ghanaians. 

In the video, a young child who clearly lacked parental supervision snuck into what was presumably the community's gathering area for marijuana smokers to smoke herself to death. 

The young girl was smoking like an adult with plenty of expertise, so it appears that she has been seeing how some people who smoke pot often outside or at home. 

She inhaled the smoke at one point in the video and then exhaled it, smoking pot like she'd been doing it for more than five years. 

The majority of comments under the video say that the girl in the popular video is likely homeless and relies entirely on the individuals who send her on errands to bring them cannabis and dangerous substances. 

Many people on social media have urged the gender and children ministry to look for the girl right away because she needs assistance. 

Others have stated that, if her parents are still alive, they need to be jailed because they failed to provide for her in a way that would have allowed her to live a full adult life. 

Watch The Video Below.

Source: Ghpage.com 

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