Actress from Yellowstone accused with fraudulent disability payments


LA (Associated Press) – "Yellowstone "Authorities revealed on Monday that performer Q'Orianka Kilcher has been accused with fraudulently receiving approximately $97,000 in disability benefits while working on the TV program. 

According to a statement from the California Department of Insurance, Kilcher, 32, of North Hollywood, is accused of two felonies related to fraudulently obtaining workers' compensation insurance. 

In 2020, Kilcher appeared in four episodes of the Kevin Costner-starring Western on the Paramount Network as Angela Blue Thunder. 

She also played Pocahontas in the films "The New World" from 2005 and "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" from 2019." 

The insurance division claimed that Kilcher had neck and right shoulder injuries while working on "Dora" in October 2018. 

According to a statement from the insurance department, a year after her injury, Kilcher told a doctor managing her insurance claim that she had been offered job but was unable to accept it due to excruciating neck pain. 

Kilcher received $96,838 in temporary disability benefits from 2019 to 2021. However, a later examination revealed that Kilcher had contributed to "Yellowstone "she claimed to be handicapped for a number of months in 2019, according to the department. 

Five days after her last day of work on the show, she went back to the doctor and began receiving disability payments, according to records "The declaration read. 

The statement added that Kilcher turned himself in and was charged in May. 

Michael Becker, Kilcher's lawyer, claimed in a statement that Kilcher was harmed while riding as a passenger in a production car. 

"Third-party physicians attested to her injury and eligibility for compensation. Ms. Kilcher was always open and honest with her medical professionals, and she never purposefully accepted benefits that she didn't think she was entitled to "said Becker. 

Kilcher has vowed to "vigorously defend herself and requests to be given the benefit of the doubt both within and outside the courthouse, "added Becker.


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