Agric Minister: I'm not sure people in Ghana sleep on an empty stomach.

Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, the minister of food and agriculture, has debunked claims that there is famine in Ghana. 

Even if there are more meal options available, the minister asserts that no one in Ghana sleeps on an empty stomach. 

"The claim that there is hunger in our nation is untrue. Of course, there are individuals sitting by the highways in England, Los Angeles, and other places who don't have anything to eat, and there are charitable groups that provide for them. 

In an interview with Asempa FM's Ekosii Sen show on Thursday, he stated, "I am not sure you will find people here in Ghana sleeping from hunger, at least people eat and that doesn't mean there is no food, there is, but things have been pricey and it's the same in other countries." 

The Minister added that despite a pandemic affecting the entire world, Ghana maintains its commitment to food security. He has asked Ghanaians to quit criticizing the planting for food strategy and to embrace it instead. 

We have benefited more from it. The best agricultural strategy ever is planting for food and employment. Ghana now enjoys food independence, he continued.


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  1. This is how people talk when they have little vision.
    We are supposed to 50 fold what we can possibly consume.

    Imagine if Ukraine just has what her people can satisfactorily consume.

    Their name wouldn't have meant anything.
    Any farmer who produces what he needs is just a poor farmer.