An angry pastor threatens to physically assault anyone who looks at his offering bowl without contributing to the offertory.


A man of God became enraged and threatened to physically attack anyone who dared to make fun of him while he was ministering the word of God in a video that has been seen on social media. 

In the video, the pastor expressed severe displeasure that some people would purposefully stare into the collection plate without attempting to pay him gratuity for his services. 

A very agitated-sounding man of God threatened to use his microphone to inflict harm to the head of anyone who looked into his offering bowl without contributing to his ministry. He may have been upset because business was not going as planned. 

Since then, the video has provoked amusing responses on social media as people try to figure out what may have prompted the man of God to leave his ministry and threaten his audience. 

Watch video here:

In related news, a social media user has denounced the practice of married men apologizing to their wives when their wives are at fault. 

He claims that it is quite unreasonable for males to apologize to their spouses, even when the circumstances call for the wife to do so for her husband's shortcomings. 

He bemoaned the fact that older men did not examine their wives for shortcomings and that they were always the first to apologize and take responsibility when their ladies should have been the ones to do so. 

He claimed that because they are afraid of losing access to food, sex, and the ability to sleep in the bedroom, most men are quick to apologize to their wives first. As a result, they never hesitate to assign blame for their own behavior to their wives. 

He continued by saying that if men do not maintain their ground and assure equality and justice in their partnerships, they would continue to suffer in their marriages.


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