Answers to All Your Questions Regarding Virgin River Season 5

Season five of Virgin River has only just begun to be filmed, but new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith already knows what viewers are most interested in learning.

 It's not about the father of Charmaine's twins (although that is significant), what will happen to Paige and Preacher, or even the potential wedding date for Mel and Jack. It is the date of the upcoming season's debut. 

Even though season four has only been available for a week, the ending demanded swift resolution. I'm sorry to disappoint, but the wait is still on: Smith tells Glamour from the Vancouver set, "I haven't heard anything." "Being the new man, I couldn't even hazard a guess." 

Before the fifth season of Virgin River, showrunner Sue Tenney handed the reins over after four seasons. After Tenney went on to other projects, Smith—who had previously collaborated with Netflix on Dolly Parton's Heartstrings anthology series and served as an executive producer on Greek and Chasing Life—was hired. 

But Virgin River is getting hotter and more well-liked at a time when the majority of other long-running series would start to lose steam. Smith, who was already a fan of the series before joining the cast and was guided by Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, is not surprised by its success. 

Character comedy and multigenerational character dramas have dominated Smith's career, she claims. I appreciate that Virgin River is centered on characters and their shared experiences, feelings, romance, and cliffhangers. I was eager to present those stories with people I already knew and adored when they first approached me about the chance because of what I had already witnessed. To understand everything creatively and what I was latching onto, I dove deep. It's reassuring to believe that there is still a ton of untold history in both this universe and the lives of these folks. 

Speaking of reassuring, Smith wants to make it obvious that a show like Virgin River, with its romantic storyline, lovely environment, and high stakes, should no longer be regarded as a guilty pleasure. I hate to admit it, but I watched the show and it just makes me feel good, said the person I was speaking with. That shouldn't be a contentious statement, I remarked. I believe we sometimes have preconceived notions about what watching television should be like. I want to keep focusing on this inside the program since it can comfort people in such a powerful way. I want to keep telling intriguing character stories with strong emotions. 

In this lovely small town, there are many of those available. When the season finished, practically every character was facing a decision in their lives, and we already know that the program will resume very shortly after the credits rolled in the season finale. Smith is eager to get started, but he also has some really intriguing ideas for where he wants the series to go in the long run. 

Therefore, the season five premiere date is not yet set in stone. Smith, though, spilled enough tea to keep us going till we find out. See what to expect from season five by reading on. 

Glamour: Season 5 seems to be setting up to present a lot of thrilling tales. Although it's not really a reset, it feels like you're starting over. What excites you the most? 

Sean Patrick Smith Some of the tales effectively continued for multiple seasons, but I believe some of them have reached their peak. As a result, we want to finish some tasks while also starting over. Over the course of the series, there were several relationships that we didn't really get to examine all that much. I was looking forward to seeing Jack and Hope together again since I thought their love was played so brilliantly, powerfully, particularly, and distinctively. I'm interested in learning how Jack and Hope met and what kind of bond they share. What history do they have? I've been examining it through the prism of the cast we now have and those we haven't seen in related stories. 

Although new storylines are being started with the characters we already have, I want it to seem like we are still in the world of our show. The conclusion and those cliffhangers felt like the start of a new adventure, and they provided us with many opportunities. The best cliffhangers occur when the spectator is unsure of what will happen next, and it is up to us to determine where it will lead this season and in the future. 

What can you say about Charmaine in terms of characters or plots that have reached their peak? Char is undoubtedly a part of Season 5 since it takes up immediately after the finale, but will she still be around then? I think there is still a lot to learn about why she persisted in this lie for as long as she did. 

As a storyteller, I believe that characters never truly disappear. This episode has demonstrated that, for example, Vince could always be there in the event that Wes passes away. Given what it seems like that narrative has achieved, people shouldn't write anyone off because there are always new stories to tell. 

There are more opportunities for that because Charmaine has strong bonds with everyone in the town outside Mel and Jack. And now for a humorous anecdote: I wanted to start establishing ties with each cast member as soon as I was hired. We were doing it all through Zoom while spending time getting to know one another. Because she resides in Nova Scotia, I believe Lauren Hammersley, who plays Charmaine, was the most difficult to track down. 

She has a hectic life and so do I, so the time difference was wild. Therefore, while we were attempting to organize it, I thought, "Of course Charmaine is being the most difficult to contact!" [Laughs.] But within five minutes of talking, I started to fall in love with Lauren. 

She is such a lovely person and a talented performer. Therefore, I believe Charmaine must birth those infants. Who is to say that it won't occur this year? A pregnant woman cannot be sent off and I cannot ignore it. 

Even though Virgin River's fourth season just wrapped up its broadcast, Alex informed me that in reality, only five months had gone since Mel arrived in town, which is why Charmaine is still carrying a baby. Do you want season five's timeline to go more quickly? Or will the pace continue? If that's the case, Mel won't give birth until season 11... 

Right. [Laughs.] It's difficult to watch the episode since there are so many cliffhangers because they make it seem like one continuous plot. Having said that, it is difficult because your chronology is inherently compressed when you start watching the next episode right away. I don't want to continue living in a constrained chronology and being so limited in time. 

I want to make it bigger, but I also don't want to move too quickly too ahead. But I responded in the same way. Before I was introduced to the show, I was given a sneak preview of season 4. When I first saw Charmaine, I immediately thought, "She's carrying twins, but she's not bigger." She isn't any closer. I can relate to the suffering of viewers because I hear it and experience it myself, but I also don't want to stir up the situation further when there are already so many wonderful things taking place.


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