Despite being paid well, the shopkeeper was caught taking large sums of money and concealing it in his underwear.

There are many pay-related disagreements between employers and employees from all over the world, which has led to a lot of employee action.

Some employees steal from their employers to make up for unpaid wages and wind up in jail. Some people also ignore their struggles and leave their jobs to stop more fraud. 

That wasn't the case, though, with a man from Kumasi, the nation's capital, as he accomplished something that many others found difficult to believe. 

The individual, whose identity is unknown as of the filing of this story, allegedly stole 7,900ghc and hid it in his boxers before being caught by his shop boss. 

No one really knows what drove him to act that way, but given that the business owner pays him nicely each month, the likelihood that he acted out of greed is higher. 

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