Funny Man Behind Popular Weeping Meme Speaks in Video and Explains Why He Was Crying, Claiming He Lost His Grandmother's Money

The man who created the popular weeping meme has finally disclosed the reason for his acrimonious crying in the picture. He claims that while playing a game with his grandmother's Ghc3.92, he lost it instead of winning it back with interest. 

He claimed that he sobbed vehemently and intensely in the hopes of running into someone who would pay back the money he had lost. 

viral image of a man in tears The young man claimed that he cried because he was looking for someone to feel sorry for him and assist in replacing the Ghc3.92. 

He stated: "The incident that occurred is that I have my grandma's side for my community. And at that moment, to dey chop occasionally dey in some way. That fateful day, my grandmother gave me GHC 3.92 and instructed me to go purchase garri so that we could have chop for dinner. I go play dice with my friend as I go go go. In the end, they cut up my money." 

He claimed, however, that he had no idea how the image had leaked and spread like wildfire among Nigerians.


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