I hear sounds: A man who lives abroad and whose room is near a graveyard cries out.

A Nigerian man who is currently living abroad informed his TikTok buddies that his rental unit is next to a cemetery, which gives him the creeps every night because of the unusual noises that come from the area. 

Evidently, before he moved there, he was unaware that his new home was next to a graveyard. Therefore, he bemoaned hearing sounds at night that he believes to be coming from the graveyard in a video that has been making the rounds online.

He was questioned by his fans as to why he did not examine the accommodation before paying, to which he replied that he had made the payment online. 

Since the video was shared on Tiktok, it has generated some buzz as you might expect. 

View responses; 

Asked @excelsweetness to speak with her grandmother on her behalf, 

In response, @user7250456815216 said: "Good chance for you. You'll work as a spirit consultant. 

Did you not check before you moved in? asked @Segun Mathew490. 

"This is your moment to communicate with the spirits," @Experiment said. 

"Ah...my idea alone would make me run," @beautiful heart commented. not be I. 

"Don't worry, Oyibo spirit is not violent," stated @Datoval. They'll be a respectable neighbor. 

@Olubunmi Oluwole Didn't you see it before paying, Comfort questioned? Just keep managing, and you'll adjust.

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