In Season 2, Kanan Will Become Much Darker Character.

Third Power Book: Raising On August 14, Kanan will return to Starz for Season 2. The drama series, which is set in the 1990s, follows Kanan Stark (Mekai Curtis) as a teenager. Kanan was primarily a good guy in Season 1. 

He has discovered, though, just how far Raquel "Raq" Thomas (Patina Miller), his queenpin mother, will go in order to obtain her goals. 

Kanan is expected to have a more darker personality in season 2. 

The relationship between Kanan and Raq will break down in "Power Book II: Raising Kanan." Period 2 

Season 2 is going to be tense for Raq and Kanan due to a likely time leap, Raq's disclosure regarding D-Wiz, and Kanan's struggle with killing a police officer. 

According to Curtis, "I think the basis of Kanan and Raq's relationship has been destroyed, at this point." "There has undoubtedly been a breach of trust and a barrier on both sides. The constant back-and-forth of "blood is thicker than water, but I still can't forget this" is just extremely intriguing to watch how they handle. The edginess and intensity that is present really reaches a boiling point, so I'm excited to see how it all comes together. 

This season, Kanan will take on a more darker persona. 

Kanan will take on a more darker persona in season 2 according to Power Universe creator Courtney Kemp during a recent episode of The Crew Has It with Michael Rainey Jr. and Gianni Paolo. The reality about Detective Malcolm Howard (Omar Epps) being his father will probably also be revealed, which suggests that he will discover a lot more about his mother. 

According to Curtis, "season two is the continuation of season one in terms of the explosiveness." "A lot of new information will be disclosed, and every character involved will experience a lot of new emotions and a new understanding of who they are. The journey will be quite intriguing. 

The second season of "Power Book II: Raising Kanan" will have a lot of surprising events. 

There will be many additional surprising events in season 2 as we watch Kanan start to shift and change into the man we came to know in Power. 

Miller told Vanity Fair, "It is really unexpected. And since it wouldn't happen without him, I'll mention Sascha Penn one more time. His attention to detail, his use of scene structure, and really just the variety of events involving these characters and how smoothly everything fits together and has a purpose are all impressive. In this world, every character has a unique purpose. It is, in fact, excellent television.

And because that was only the beginning, you're not prepared for this second season. We were getting to know these folks, and now there are no longer any relationships. Can we turn around after that? Family is family, you know. 

Will they reunite again? They won't they? And in the second season, we deal with that quite a bit. Every action had repercussions. What do you do and do you go back? Will Raq retain her throne or will she abdicate it? Therefore, it's quite intriguing. I can't wait for folks to see.


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