Kelly Reilly, the star of Yellowstone, just revealed a shocking spoiler regarding Beth in season 5.


This article includes Yellowstone season 4 spoilers. 

Okay, Yellowstone enthusiasts. Season 5 may not begin until November 13 on Paramount Network for a few months. Fans can still learn a spoiler or two prior to then, though! Viewers are now learning crucial details about the upcoming season of the popular drama thanks to Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton. 

The actress provided some details about the future of her character for season 5 in a recent interview with TV Line. She specifically discussed how Beth will probably act after she finds out that her father John (Kevin Costner) had a sexual relationship with environmentalist Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo) in the second half of the previous season. And based on Kelly's description of her, Beth undoubtedly has a trick up her frantic sleeve. 

"Beth stated to the source that she wanted her father to be content. She merely has no regard for this specific individual. Summer is viewed by her as an enemy who has no regard for their way of life. She and the other demonstrators simply arrive with this very simplistic viewpoint, assuming that all ranchers are just rednecks." 

Okay, this is a fairly big deal. Given that the two of them were almost at each other's throats the entire previous season, it seems sense why Beth wouldn't just let Summer squeak into the Dutton household. However, based on Kelly's description of Beth's strategy for removing John's lover from the picture, nobody should ever want to tangle with her. 

She said, "Beth isn't going to guide her through it. "She's just going to destroy her gently. And Beth could do that with such ease. We are aware that she could accomplish that so easily! It's honestly rather horrifying how violent and ruthless Beth is capable of being. 

We are not sure what else will excite us about season 5 if this doesn't. But as fans are aware, this is only one aspect of what they can anticipate on November 13. There is just one thing to say: Yellowstone fans are in for a rocky ride with Josh Lucas confirming a comeback and Neal McDonough perhaps returning to upend the Duttons' life once more. 

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