Kumasi locals begin purchasing their caskets in preparation for passing away

Due to the poverty in the nation, some Kumasians in the Ashanti area have begun purchasing their own caskets as they prepare to pass away. 

One Akwasi Baafi, who sells and produces coffins in the area, described this unusual scenario. 

According to him, it has become commonplace in the area these days for some people to visit their stores to purchase coffins—not to bury their deceased loved one, but rather to do it for themselves as they are ready to pass away. 

According to him, some people purchase the coffin they want their family to use for their burial because they are aware of when they will pass away as a result of their medical conditions. Others purchase it due to the rising cost of coffins. 

Then, he said, they return days later with their family members to show them the coffin they had purchased to be used for burying them. 

Some people will purchase a coffin, then visit their family members to show them the coffin they have purchased for burial after they pass away. 

But some of them, according to Mr. Baafi, "would buy the coffin and ask us to wrap it so he or she may take it home because he or she is buying it ahead of his or her death." 

Mr. Akwasi Baafi said, "We do not wish people to die, but we always pray for good business since every worker prays for good business," in response to the question of whether those who sell coffins want people to die. 

"The fact that we sell and manufacture coffins doesn't mean we feel happy when people die," he said in conclusion. Death is a natural part of life and no one can avoid it because we are all human and may feel its sufferings.

Source: GhPage.com

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