Mahama responds to her daughter Farida Mahama's popular twerk video

In a letter for Farida Mahama's birthday, Mr. Mahama expressed his love and appreciation for his daughter, who has grown into a stunning damsel. 

Although Farida Mahama's twerk video went viral, Mr. Mahama saw it as a sign of youth and on her birthday instead wished her success and growth. 

In a social media post, Mr. Mahama encouraged 15-year-old Farida Mahama to be herself and accept who she is in addition to assuring her of his love and support. 

The former president wrote, along with a picture of Mr. Mahama, Mrs. Lordina Mahama, and Farida Mahama: 

newborn in the family. Already acting so mature. Farida, happy 15th birthday. I, your mother, and your brothers love you all very much. Keep being you, and you will blossom. 

Farida Mahama, the daughter of former president John Mahama, sparked outrage on social media with a crazy twerking video. 

Users of social media have expressed a variety of emotions in response to the film, which has shocked them and gotten them discussing. 

Farida, who was at home and dressed sensually in shorts and a black top for the viral video, strategically positioned the camera to show off her curves. 

While dishing it up hot to the camera, the ex-daughter president's is heard in the video declaring that she's going to teach the "up down" twerk even though she's not a professional twerker. 

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