Man put in jail for killing his 28-year-old wife, this is why he did it

For killing his wife of four years, Jennifer Rothwell, who was eight months pregnant at the time, Beau Rothwell, 31, received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. 

Before going missing in 2019, Jennifer had searched up "what to do if your husband is furious you are pregnant" on her phone. 

A week after she disappeared, Beau Rothwell found her horribly bruised body. 

When Jennifer was killed, she was six weeks pregnant. 

In order to be found guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge, Beau admitted killing his wife at the trial but claimed it was an accident that happened during a heated fight about an affair he was having with another woman. 

He claimed to have hit his 28-year-old wife with a mallet in November 2019. He acknowledged using a mallet to strike the back of her head, sending her staggering in the direction of their home's garage. According to him, she was pursued and repeatedly attacked before she was killed. 

Then Rothwell made an effort to cover up the murder. He left the house to buy cleaning goods with the intention of bleaching the blood of his late wife from the residence. He took her car to an intersection, left it there, and dropped a bloody tarp and some cleaning materials in the next trash can. 

After the murder, according to Rothwell, he entered "panic mode." 

He left her naked body in some woods off Highway 61, filed a missing person's report, texted her to express his worry, and joined a search team. 

The husband was accused of being a careful planner, according to the prosecution, who cited texts he sent to a different woman in the months before the killing and a list of benefits and drawbacks he made on leaving his wife. 

The day before Jennifer Rothwell vanished, he was also shown on camera purchasing cleaning materials, according to authorities. 

In April, Beau Rothwell was found guilty of first-degree murder as well as other lesser offenses. 

He was given a life sentence without the chance of release on Friday, July 8.


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