Man sentenced to 7 years in prison for stealing artificial turf to use as room décor

A 21-year-old guy was given a 7-year prison sentence for stealing pieces of the artificial pitch at Drobo Faaman to use as carpet in his room. 

Gideon Asuako, a resident of Dwenem in Jaman South Municipality, was found guilty after entering a plea to three counts of trespassing, criminal mischief, and theft. 

On Monday, July 4, sports journalist Saddick Adams published on Twitter the first pictures of the torn-up artificial turf. 

He stated in a subsequent tweet that the Obaahemaa of Faaman had told him that the offenders had been apprehended following a search. 

A search party was formed, and they discovered artificial pitch pieces being used as décor in the criminals' rooms, the source continued. 

After being detained, Asuako appeared in court at the Berekum Circuit Court, where His Lordship Osei Kofi Amoako found him guilty based on his own admission. 

Saddick Adams recently tweeted that "a jail officer friend in Sunyani confirms to me he has just been brought there to begin his sentence term" in order to provide this news. 

The decision has divided social media users. While some people think the penalty is appropriate, others think it was too harsh. 

View some examples of comments below: 

King Uchiha Winter, M.D. O, the length of medical school is seven years. Isn't seven years too long? 

Politicians who have embezzled millions of cedis are still at large, according to Nungu Cardi B. 

He was effectively using it. But look at the pitch's condition. 

Quayson: Seven years for a little bit... 

He most likely lacked a lawyer. 

Kwesi Gyeke: In my opinion, seven years in prison is too long. Instead of going to jail, the man should receive a community sentence that involves keeping the area around the pitch for three years. Even the cost of maintaining the pitch's surroundings will be reduced as a result. Wrong action, wrong penalty.


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