Nana Yeboah condemns the strike by teachers

Four teacher unions recently announced a statewide strike due to the government's failure to comply with their demands for the payment of cost-of-living allowances by the deadline (COLA). 

This comes after a deadline the unions assigned the government of June 30 has passed. 

The associations are the Teachers and Educational Workers' Union (TEWU), the Coalition of Concerned Teachers, the National Association of Graduate Teachers, and Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT). 

The teacher groups voiced dissatisfaction with the government's lack of response to their requests during a joint press conference by the education unions on the allowance. 

The Kumawood actor Nana Yeboah mercilessly attacked these teachers in a viral video in response to this occurrence. 

Nana Yeboah, who is furious, claims that these teachers are very evil and unappreciative because the government paid them their full wages during the COVID era despite the fact that they were at home for a full year.


In his defamation of character film directed at the teaching unions, Nana Yeboah encouraged Nana Addo to fire all of the striking teachers and replace them with recent graduates. 

Nana Yeboah went on to call their strike action "nonsense" because the government is having trouble solving even basic issues while simultaneously asking more funding, which is extremely inconsiderate on their behalf. 

Hottish Owura - Just consider this (it). Your teachers are useless to you. You are not able to read or write. See Jackie Appiah today and give a teacher a thank you. 

- Kofi Annu The man is illiterate in what he is saying. Why Do You Worry Yourself After Posting This, Teacher Kwadwo Paa? Anyway, allow me to take this chance to make a little statement. Once, a man said... 

Sarkcess, Ama This one makes no sense; how much are teachers paid in Ghana for you to be uttering such nonsense? They are useless to you, which is why you are in Kumawood. Even if you are a man and a woman, Nkwasiasem s33 "mfaso) ben na 3w) mo so"; ose mfaso) bi w) wo so. 

Efua Elizabeth Maame - I'm not a teacher, but what he's saying makes no sense. Those ministers you call honorable, do you know what they do to earn these amounts? How is it possible for a trained teacher to earn less than 1000 cedis in this economy? Will you charge 2000 for a role reason so that you can continue to grow? 

Nana Yeboah by Yussif Hammidu 

Although I genuinely adore you, it appears like you've lost your path... 

You need to learn a little bit about this issue before you can comprehend their complaint. 

Regarding the lockdown situation. Remember that most organizations pay their employees, and that this is a worldwide occurrence. I am aware that teachers in our country receive the worst treatment. I'm open to being proven wrong...


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